Communication, Capitalism and Critique: Critical Media Sociology in the 21st Century

ESA RN18 calls for contributions that shed new light on theoretical and analytical insights that help to shape critical media sociology in the 21st century, in particular, but not exclusively, addressed to any of the following:

  1. Critical Media Sociology and Capitalism
  2. Critical Media Sociology and Critical Theory
  3. Critical Media Sociology and Critical Political Economy of Media, Information and Communication
  4. Critical Media Sociology, Gramsci and Hegemony
  5. Critical Media Sociology and Ideology Critique
  6. Critical Media Sociology and Cultural and Communication Labour
  7. Critical Media Sociology and Digital Labour
  8. Critical Media Sociology, New Nationalism and Authoritarianism
  9. Critical Media Sociology, Consumption and Production in Urban Processes
  10. Critical Media Sociology, Patriarchy and Gender
  11. Critical Media Sociology, Social Inequality, Identity and Subjectivities
  12. Critical Media Sociology, Ecology and Climate
  13. Critical Media Sociology, Democracy and the Public Sphere
  14. Critical Media Sociology and the Left
  15. Critical Media Sociology, the Commons and Alternatives

The Conference is organized by the European Sociological Association (ESA) ‐ Research Network 18: Sociology of Communications and Media Research

(Text sourced from conference website)