Comparing Gender and Media
Equality Across the Globe

What are the causes and consequences of the lack of
women in the news? Gender equality and freedom of
expression are fundamental values crucial for achieving a
sustainable world. This webinar focuses on the (lack of)
achievements for women in the media, and how to move

Since 1995 there has been slow progress of women making
the news, from 17 to 24 percent, according to the Global
Media Monitoring Project. New ways of using existing data
may function as a catalyst for change, both for women’s
access to media and for eliminating stereotypes.

During this webinar, we will present results from the recently
published anthology Comparing Gender and Media Equality
Across the Globe, and introduce GEM, an Open Access
dataset. The GEM dataset and research project make it
possible for worldwide use of already collected data on
gender and news media and, by evidence-based knowledge,
promote change.

The GEM project: Presentation and discussion of
main results and takeaways. Introduction of the GEMIndex and the GEM dataset. The editors and authors.
Panel discussion: Looking ahead. Representatives
from GMMP, Fojo, IWMF, Gender Links and AKAS.
Moderator: Maria Edström.
• Q & A
The webinar is co-organised by Nordicom and the
Department of Journalism, Media & Communication (JMG)
at the University of Gothenburg.