Democracy & Digital Citizenship Conference Series Part 1

 Key questions of democracy and citizenship are becoming increasingly inseparable from discussions on the development of digital technologies. Gaining traction in academic disciplines across the humanities, social and technical sciences, the question of how political processes are influenced by technological innovation—and what makes such influences productive or disruptive—has simultaneously become a leading emphasis for public interest groups, civil society organizations, and public authorities.

Against this backdrop The Centre for Digital Citizenship (CDC) at Roskilde University, Digital Democracy Centre (DDC) at the University of Southern Denmark, and Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS) at the University of Copenhagen are pleased to collectively announce the formation of a biennial international conference on Democracy & Digital Citizenship. The three Centres view the pressing societal challenges beset by digital media technologies, big data, and artificial intelligence as key research priorities, and we offer this initiative as a new interdisciplinary space for developing and addressing these priorities. We hope that scholars from different academic traditions and disciplines —who all too rarely meet, despite sharing many research interests— will convene in Denmark every other year, in order to exchange knowledge and insights into the complex and evolving relationships between technological developments, institutional and everyday political practices, and democratic systems of governance.

Conference Dates and Hosts:

September 29 & 30, 2022 (CDC, Roskilde University)

September, 2024 (DDC, University of Southern Denmark)

September, 2026 (SODAS, University of Copenhagen)

Participating Centres:

Centre for Digital Citizenship (Roskilde University)

Digital Democracy Centre (University of Southern Denmark)

Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science (University of Copenhagen)