Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries Conference

The conference will focus on interdisciplinary connections and methodological links between digital humanities and digital social sciences. Striving to acknowledge productive interconnections between the disciplines, DHN2020 aims to inspire a broad consideration of knowledge sharing and debates inspired by various forms and results of interdisciplinary cooperation. Special guests of the conference this year will be Professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University Virginia Dignum, Professor of Folkloristics at the University of Iceland Terry Gunnel, Researcher at the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab at the University of Cambridge Jon Roozenbeek, and Chair and Principal Investigator at the Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Systems at the Faculty of Computing at the University of Latvia prof. Jurģis Šķilters. More than 80 papers and 20 academic poster presentations are included in the main programme of the conference. Apart from the main programme participants are invited to six pre-conference workshops on March 17th:
  • TwinTalks 2: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration in DH
  • Parallel Corpora as Digital Resources and Their Applications
  • Intellectual History and the Digital Humanities: Prospects and Challenges
  • Hands-On Research Data Management for Digital Humanities
  • An introduction to computer vision for working with maps
  • Higher Education Programs in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences: Challenges and Perspectives.
(Text sourced from conference website)