Digital Inclusion, Policy and Research Conference (DIPRC) 2022

The primary aim of this conference is to link up local, national and international policy efforts to address digital inequalities, access and literacy. The intention is to support sharing best practice and research insights. The conference will be a mix of invited presentations from policy and research colleagues, along with open paper sessions.

– Which groups are the most vulnerable and struggle the most in terms of accessing, and/or benefitting from the use of, digital technologies?

– How should different groups be provided with the support they need in order to develop digital and data literacy skills?

– How can key groups and communities use their knowledge to help them better navigate online risks and opportunities?

– What types of policy and practical interventions are needed with a view to tackling digital inequalities and promoting digital literacy in our contemporary societies?

– How can different governments, regions, and local municipalities respond to challenges relating to digital inclusion and digital literacy?

The conference aims to focus on global, national and local developments in this area, with an emphasis on research, policy, and practice. Digital inequities have become an important part of broader persistent issues of social equity and justice.