Digital Transformations

Online conference @ Humlab, Umeå University 

This conference marks and celebrates the 20th anniversary of Humlab.

We live in times of changes on different levels – environmental, social, political, educational, etc. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, fueled a great deal of digital re-location as it undeniably changed how we think about and perform our work, education, and personal relations, as well as how it has affected the world on a political and economic scale. Other ongoing crises of global and local impact, some radical and others more discreet, make us hope for a time “after”. But what is left to go back to – and more importantly – what do we wish to return to? How will academia face these challenges and explore the new opportunities we now have?   

During the conference we will continue to examine the different and changing roles of digital research, digital media, and technology in challenging times – what are the current, and future, challenges, and opportunities?