(POSTPONED)Digitising Early Childhood 2020

Contemporary children and their parents are inventing what it is to have a digital childhood, and in doing so are introducing families, schools and policy makers to new ways of thinking, doing and being.  This conference discusses and expands research trajectories through these uncertainties and also aims to build bridges across the different discipline interests and many strands of research in this area.  It will forge a new way forward and consolidate the base of what we already know, revealing what we have yet to investigate and address, and what important insights are emerging that must be taken seriously.

With the aim of grasping the complexity and diversity of digital childhoods, we invite original research findings and theoretical analysis addressing (though not exclusively) such questions as:

  • Children and their data
  • Children’s online presence(s)
  • Parenting the digital child
  • Privacy, security and children’s rights
  • Digitisation of early childhood education
  • Literacies at home and school
  • Children’s culture
  • Changing discourses of childhood
  • The child in the digital public sphere
  • Research methods with very young children
  • Policies, regulations and guidelines
  • Cultural difference and digital children
  • Risks and benefits
  • Digital health
  • Designing digital experiences for children
  • Gendering (or not) the digital child

(Text sourced from conference website)