Free European Media 2020

Today, in several countries the links between free and pluralistic media and politics are being challenged. Hate speech and fake news are rife, citizens are getting more and more confused as propaganda undermines the credibility of our news media, and our fundamental values are under attack. Impartial and accurate journalism is under attack. It is high time to address the importance of uncensored, pluralistic media for the development of our free democracies in Europe.

A communication strategy should ensure a public debate. Invited to the conference:

  • Journalists and media organisations;
  • Media regulators and representatives of press councils;
  • Academics;
  • Politicians, civil servants;
  • Citizens;
  • People working for human rights and democracy;
  • Members of intergovernmental parliaments in Europe

The output from the conference should point out the methodology to find the crucial link in the triangle: Citizens – Media – Governmental bodies.

ORGANIZER: European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Free European Media in cooperation with Council of Europe, European Commission (EU), the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), Danish Union of Journalists (DJ), Nordic Journalist Centre (NJC), Pomorskie Voivodeship, European Solidarity Centre (ECS) and City of Gdansk.

(Text sourced from conference website)