Global Media Forum 2021: DW’s international and interdisciplinary conference

The DW Global Media Forum 2021 will explore ways to address disruptions with innovation. In the aftermath of an extraordinary year, we continue to meet challenges head-on with digital solutions and mutual exchange.

The Global Media Forum will be taking place as a hybrid event on June 14 and 15, 2021 and will be brought to our audience free of charge. Wherever you are, you are invited and welcome to join us to discuss this year’s topic: Disruption and Innovation.

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The 14th Global Media Forum brings together media professionals and decision-makers from politics, civil society, culture, business and science from around the world to meet, discuss and explore solutions. Be prepared to be stimulated, challenged and entertained at an event that is truly Made for Minds!

Adapting to ever-changing realities has become the norm across most industries — including the media. Whether it’s a global pandemic or the arrival of artificial intelligence, no one can hide from wide-ranging change. But what trends do journalists have to keep up with today? Which innovations are going to affect their work in the coming years? And what kind of disruptions will alter the way the media operate?