IIC Italy Chapter Webinar: Insights for a balanced regulation: considering platforms benefits and protection needs

This joint event of the IIC Italian Chapter and Agcom (the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority) aims to explore the benefits produced by the digital ecosystem and, in particular, by the rise of online platforms, beyond the immediate and obvious new business models and commercial offerings. This line of inquiry stems from a conviction that any regulation of the digital environment must be proportionate, i.e. able to balance fundamental rights and freedoms, without affecting the technological development and economic growth of platforms. In this respect, it is crucial to recognise platforms’ complexity and their double-edged nature: on the one hand, online platforms raise concerns; on the other hand, the benefits of their services, both for the individual and for the community, are undeniable. Therefore, as well as identifying the problems generated by or associated with each type of service, the positive aspects of online platforms should be highlighted.