International conference #YouthMediaLife 2024

This three-day conference at the University of Vienna has at its heart questions about young people’s media practices and the manifold questions they raise: What mediatization processes are part of young people’s lifeworlds and how do they impact on the dynamics between individuation and group formation processes? How are identities co-constructed in and through digital media and what role do strategies play which young people employ deliberately to distinguish between analogue and digital practices? What role does school play as a place for the learning of media competences but also as a crucial space for socialization processes? How has technological change shaped narrative practices and what is young people’s role in participating in these transformational processes? What patterns of in- and exclusion can be identified in social media which en- or disable democratic participation and political agency and what are inclusive and democratic means of expression? What medial expressions do young people choose for major concerns, such as the environmental crisis or war in Europe? And how can we as academics keep up with a swiftly changing global media landscape that is contingent on economic upheavals, fashions, trends and shifting demographics?