MEVI2022 Media ja vastuu – Media, responsibility and accountability

Call for Papers for the MEVI2022 conference!

MEVI2022, the Finnish conference for media and communication studies MEVI2022, will be held in Turku on April 22nd-23rd 2022. The conference hosts 11 working groups, and the call for papers is now open!

Send your 250-word abstract to the working group you wish to participate in. Descriptions and contact information for the working groups can be accessed here:

The deadline for the abstracts is March 4th2022. Even if the description of the working group is in Finnish, don’t hesitate to send in your abstract in English.

Didn’t find a suitable working group? No worries! We also accept panel discussions and workshops outside the 11 designated working groups. In case you’re interested, please send your abstract to Send a title and an abstract (max. 250 words) of the panel discussion, including participants and chairperson. Time for each panel and workshop is 1,5 hours. 

Notifications on acceptance to the working groups will be sent by March 11, 2022. The presenters of accepted papers must confirm their attendance to the working group chair by March 18, 2022.

The theme of the MEVI2022 conference addresses the relationship of media, responsibility and accountability. The conference covers numerous perspectives on the increasingly important topic of the responsibilities of the media and their role in facilitating accountability in changing media environments. What are the responsibilities of the media, and how are they changing? What is the role of different media in facilitating accountability of societal actors? What do discussions pertaining to the role of media in boosting various social and democratic malaises tell us about the responsibility and accountability of media actors? What are the good practices of ensuring accountability? And how could we re-imagine more responsible and accountable media? The conference theme understands media, responsibility and accountability widely, allowing a wide range of contributions from multiple fields and disciplines.

We are  still hoping that we are able to have the conference at Turku but we will inform about the final form of the conference in March.