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The ICCMS 2022

The 3rd International Conference on Communication and Media Studies “Communication and Media Developments in Times of Disinformation and Global Challenges”


Facing the most severe restrictions dictated by the militarization of the public and the mediatic space, how can public art become a safe bridge over troubled places?

8th international Power Conference Helsinki

It has become increasingly clear that we live in a complex turmoil of global challenges and intertwined crises. Global geopolitical...

De-Westernising Media Literacy: Perspectives on Pedagogies, Practices and Theories of Media Education

Welcome to follow the third MIL webinar series, De-Westernising Media Literacy: Perspectives on Pedagogies, Practices and Theories of Media Education, at NordMedia Network!

ASCP Conference 2022

The ASCP provides a broad intellectual forum for scholars working within or in communication with continental philosophy and European philosophical traditions.

Digital Research Data and Human Sciences (DRDHum) - Diversity of Methods and Materials

The Digital Research Data and Human Sciences (DRDHum 2022) conference aims to bring together researchers who have different areas of interest and expertise to discuss the themes of data compilation and management, and to share their knowledge and experience of using digital materials, methods, and data analysis tools.

Digital Research Data and Human Sciences (DRDHum) - Diversity of Methods and Materials

Part of the programme will be open to online participation.

A True and Fair View: Communicative, Linguistic and Ethical Aspects of Expressing Point of View in Journalism

The topic for this conference will be the expression of standpoint and viewpoint in journalism.

First International Conference on Hybrid Societies

The first international Conference on Hybrid Societies is organized by the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Societies at Chemnitz University of Technology

The 8th World Conference on
Media and Mass Communication 2023

8th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2023 which will take place from the 16th – 17th March 2023 in Hybrid Platform.

Discourse Theory: ways forward, 2nd edition

The aim of the colloquium is to bring together scholars working with constructivist and post-structuralist discursive approaches, broadly defined.


DESIRE, the centre for the study of Democracy, Signification and Resistance is happy to invite you to submit paper proposals for the second edition of the colloquium ‘Discourse Theory: Ways Forward’.

The web : source and archive

This international conference proposes to question the place of sources from the web in the scientific field and to situate web archiving practices in plural scientific approaches and questions.

Living with Climate Change Conference

Welcome to the University of Bergen, 8 – 9 May 2023! The preliminary conference programme is available here. The cross-disciplinary research...


The World Media Economics and Management Conference (World Media Economics Conference until 2006) is the biennial meeting of the global community of media business scholars

Exploring the Archived Web During a Highly Transformative Age

The recent transnational political and health crises are a stark reminder of the need to pay particular attention to the recurrent information that is diffused on the web and social media platforms.

The 17th Conference on Communication and Environment

Many Voices, One planet: Accounting for the past and narrating sustainable futures

EURAM 2023 | Management History, Theory, and Philosophy

The 'Management History, Theory, and Philosophy' addresses historical and philosophical foundations and
challenges of management and organization theory and practice.


Theme: Popular Music in Crisis

29th International Conference of Europeanists

CES is thrilled to announce the location of the 29th International Conference of Europeanists in Reykjavik, Iceland. The event will be hosted by the University of Iceland.