RIPE@Dialogue A webinar series on universalism and Public Service Media

9 and 16 September 2020, 14:00–15:30 UTC
23 September 2020, 14:00–15:30 UTC

This three-part webinar discusses and debates the case for the need to revitalize the universalism mission by reimagining its conceptual and practical dimensions:

The webinar series brings together authors of the new RIPE@2019
reader of the same theme, titled Universalism in Public Service Media
(Nordicom, 2020). Read the book here.

Session 1: Fundamentals | Wednesday 9 Sept 2020, 14-15:30 UTC
What are the foundations of universalism and how do they translate to today’s contexts?
• Barbara Thomaß, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany: Universalism in
History, Modern Statehood and Public Service Media
• Peter Goodwin, University of Westminster, UK: Universal – But Not
Necessarily Useful
• Dialogue Moderator: Phillip Savage, McMaster University, Canada
• Discussant: Gregory F. Lowe, Northwestern University in Qatar

Session 2: Practices | Wednesday 16 Sept 2020, 14-15:30 UTC
How have Public Service Media organizations resolved the challenge of universalism?
• Karen Donders, Vrije University, Belgium and/or Hilde Van den Bulck,
Drexel University, USA: Universality of Public Service Media and Preschool
Audiences: The Choice Against a Dedicated Television Channel
in Flanders
• Julie Munter Lassen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark:
Multi-Channel Strategy, Universalism and the Challenge of Audience
• Dialogue Moderator: Gregory F. Lowe
• Discussant: Phillip Savage

Session 3: (Near) Futures | Wednesday 23 Sept 2020, 13-14:30 UTC
How are developments such as datafication shaping universalism? Is “personalized
enlightenment” possible?
• Jannick Kirk Sørensen, Aalborg University, Denmark: Personalized
Universalism in the Age of Algorithms
• Lizzie Jackson, London South Bank University, UK: Datafication,
Fluidity, and Organisational Change: Towards Public Service Media 3.0
• Dialogue Moderator: Phillip Savage
• Discussant: Gregory F. Lowe