Sport Media and Gender 2020

The quality and influence of research produced by sports media scholars from a range of disciplines is improved by both an interdisciplinary approach and the direct, active involvement of stakeholders. As such, the Sport, Media and Gender 2020 conference will provide a platform for the knowledge exchange between scholars (from a range of disciplines), stakeholders, and practitioners who are united by a focus on sports media.

The event will take stock of the current position by examining notable case studies from the recent past. The event aims to foster new inter- and/or post-disciplinary trajectories and scholarship/practitioner collaborations. More specifically, the event has four objectives:

  1. To stimulate conversations between academic disciplines, as well as between fields of media policy and practice;
  2. To elaborate an historically-informed, future-focused research agenda that accounts for the needs and concerns of policy makers and practitioners;
  3. To disseminate emerging findings and insights to a wide audience of academics and non-academics;
  4. To identify and agree a series of next steps and practical actions by which to progress the Network and its concerns.

(Text sourced from conference website)