The 31st Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN)

This year’s theme will be nationalism and media.

This conference is intended to cover cases from all parts of the world and welcomes papers based on different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, and from different disciplines and fields, such as history, media and communication studies, political science, sociology, linguistics and literature. The conference will take place in person, at the University of Antwerp.


Possible themes include:

  • Revisiting media and nationalism theories;
  • Media and nationalist propaganda;
  • Media and banal nationalism;
  • Media and everyday nationalism;
  • Media and national indifference;
  • New media and nationalism;
  • Media, nationalism and gender/sexuality/class/age/ethnicity;
  • The representation of nations in media;
  • The role of media in naturalizing the idea of a ‘world of nations’;
  • Media as sources for nationalism research;
  • Social media and nationalism as a part of civil societies and public spheres
  • Competing definitions in both visual and literary media
  • Media, education and nationalism