The antidote to fake news and Propaganda? Critical media literacy in a time of crisis

Democracy needs open and honest discussion. However, in today’s digital media system people disagree about basic facts, are falling victim to propaganda and are getting radicalized.

Democracy needs open and honest discussion about the world and what we should be doing in it. However, very little of today’s digital media ecosystem has any similarity to such an open conversation. Instead, people disagree about basic facts. People are falling victim to fake news and propaganda and are getting radicalized to the point where Democracy is threatened. In this panel Swedish Media Researchers discuss what kind of media literacy education or other means like policy changes we should consider to protect our free society. We discuss what it means to take a critical perspective to media, what youth and citizens in general should be taught about how digital media function, and we offer perspective on what politicians can do to protect democracy. There will be a space for questions and discussion with the audience.


Patrick Prax, Dr., Uppsala University
Margareta Melin, Dr., Malmö University
Göran Svensson, Dr., Uppsala University
Michael Forsman, Dr., Södertörn Högskola
Ingrid Forsler, Dr., Södertörn Högskola

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Contact person: Patrick Prax, Uppsala Universitet

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