The Nordic Media System Changes and Challenges 

In the yearly reports from the Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland all stand out as examples of high trust in news media, particularly public service, low political polarization of their news media and media users, a high level of willingness to pay and an limited influences of fake news. Together all these elements make the political information landscapes in many of the Nordic countries more stable and democratic than in many other countries, according to international research. However, even in the Nordic countries the political communication landscape is also fragile and ever changing. Digitalization has challenged the news media business models, as has misinformation and disinformation, and the rise of social media in general. Thus, today the Nordic media system faces a number of challenges, challenges that also pressure the smaller Nordic countries and autonomous territories. This seminar addresses these many challenges with the help of leading international scholars who all bring the special focus to the debate.