The role of the academic profession in the knowledge society

This seminar will address the role of the academic profession in the knowledge society.

The background of the Academic Profession in the Knowledge-based Society (APIKS) study is in defining the academic profession in the knowledge society. Over the last few years, APIKS has been created through the work of hundreds of people who have carried out earlier surveys from the Carnegie Survey (1992) to the Changing Academic Profession (CAP2008) and its successor studies. The themes of APIKS consist of the career and professional situation, the general work situation and activities, teaching, research, external activities, governance and management, international dimension of academic work and academics in formative career stages.

This seminar is arranged by the Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Norwegian APIKS teams and Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. The teams have collected valuable comparative data on the academic profession, and the aim is to use this knowledge base widely in societies. The purpose is to bring together key perspectives of unions, administration and scholars and thus refine analytical comparative knowledge.

(Text sourced from Hanaholmen website)