Assistant or Associate Professor, Sound in Art and Media

We are now looking for an Assistant or Associate professor, Sound in Art and Media  

The successful candidate will be appointed for an Assistant or Associate position in the Aalto University tenure track system. Aalto’s tenure track principles are explained at The full-time position situated in the Department of Art and Media will begin in summer 2024 or as agreed. 

Sound in art and media is an evolving field that is being impacted by various technological advancements and changes in societal needs and practices. Sound and music computation, including AI technologies, are increasingly being integrated into various media products, and contemporary art and design practices in various fields, such as soundscapes, sound art, sonic interaction design, virtual and audio augmented reality, game audio and acoustic branding. 

The Department of Art and Media has, since 2008, had a pioneering Sound in New Media master’s program (since 2022 a major in the MA in Art & Media program). The program has graduated close to a hundred sound specialists, artists and designers who have moved on to important positions in creative industries as well as academic institutions in Finland and internationally. The Sound in New Media studies include various collaborations within Aalto fields (acoustics, animation, architecture, fashion, games, interior architecture) and with programs and companies outside the university. Alongside its MA studies the department has produced impactful research in the field, exploring e.g. the relation between human computer interaction and sound.