Associate Professor in Media Textual Analysis

The School of Communication and Culture invites applications for the position of associate professor in media textual analysis. The position is based at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies, which is part of the School of Communication and Culture.

The appointment is full-time and tenured and begins on 1 August 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The School of Communication and Culture is committed to diversity and encourages all qualified applicants to apply regardless of their personal background.

The positionThe field of media and journalism studies is currently undergoing significant changes not least due to the increasing digitalisation of culture and society, which has radically transformed the basic conditions under which mediated content is produced, distributed, used and experienced. These new conditions call for critical and innovative ways to prepare students of media and journalism studies for a rapidly changing job market, and to produce high-quality research that helps citizens, society and industry to make sense of and navigate contemporary media landscapes. The Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University is taking an international lead in developing research; study programmes based on the premise that the ability to understand fully the implications of digitalisation in communication, media production and distribution are essential in both research and teaching.

Against this background, we are looking for a colleague with strong skills in the textual analysis of a variety of new media forms in Nordic and international contexts, a colleague who methodologically and theoretically can strengthen and develop the department’s profile in media textual analysis. We are looking for applicants who can document research results at an international level in one or more of the following areas:

  • the transformation of texts in legacy media and their interaction with new media forms
  • user-generated content in public as well as social media
  • networked communication — for instance, discourse analysis, online conversation analysis or network analysis with respect to online communities, social media practices, shared and viral content etc.
  • cross-/transmedia or cross-platform analysis
  • Scandinavian and other media texts in a Scandinavian context

The successful applicant is expected to be able to apply multiple analytical perspectives and to develop theory and methodology relevant to the position.