Associate Professor of Communication

Kristiania University College provides research and education in the areas of management, organisation, marketing, communication, computer science, health science, innovation and arts. With over 14,500 students and a large educational programme in Oslo, Bergen and online, Kristiania University College is Norway’s largest independent broad-based college. Kristiania University College’s mission is to contribute to Norway’s social and economic development through a problem-driven and applied knowledge development and dissemination, in close cooperation with working life. In order to carry out this task in the most effective way possible, Kristiania University College aims to become Norway’s first independent university. 

About the Department of Communication, Leadership and Marketing 

The school consists of the Department of Communication, Department of Management and Organisation, and the Department of Marketing. The school has an active academic environment within education, research and dissemination, and it leads the college’s academic work in the development of an interdisciplinary PhD in Communication and Leadership. The school is an attractive workplace with a generous environment that is supportive and performance-enhancing. The studies we offer are closely related to practice and give our students a good insight into the working life that they will encounter after completing their studies. 

The advertised position is affiliated with the Department of Communication. The department currently consists of approximately 20 employees and 500 students. We offer a master’s degree in strategic communication and a bachelor degrees in journalism, in creative marketing communications and in PR and communication. A new bachelor’s degree programme in communication and political science will also be launched soon. Online studies are also offered. 

About the position 

We have a 100% position vacant as associate professor of communication at the Department of Communication. The position is intended for teaching in the programmes offered in the department, research activities. The succesful canddate will contribute to strengthening the academic environment  related to the planned PhD programme. Ideally, the position should be filled as soon as possible, but this is negotiable to some extent.  


  • Plan and carry out teaching, where the subject is communicated in a Norwegian and international context 
  • Supervision and examination 
  • Maintain dialogue and networking with relevant parts of working life 
  • Research and development work 
  • Meetings with academic staff and academic management 

The teaching at Kristiania University College requires that the person hired speaks a Scandinavian language, and can also teach in English. 

The person appointed must be prepared for organizational and work changes. Changes in tasks may be relevant due to the future development of study programmes at the school. 

Applicant requirements 

  • Norwegian doctorate in the relevant field of study or equivalent foreign doctorate or competence at the corresponding level, documented by scientific work of the same scope and quality 
  • The applicant must have research and teaching expertise in one or more of the following academic areas in communication: 
  • strategic communication 
  • organisational communication 
  • crisis communication 
  • digital methods / “computational social science” 
  • Experience from supervision, teaching and/or programme management at the college and university level 
  • Experience from participation in research projects and experience with participation in national and international research networks 
  • Experience in obtaining externally funded research projects 

Applicants must be able to document pedagogic and didactic competence related to higher education and the development of teaching and supervision. If you do not meet the competence requirement, you must complete the college’s course for basic pedagogical competence (15 credits) within a period of two years from accession. The course is offered by the college. 

The candidate will be assessed in relation to the Regulations for employment and promotion in teaching and research positions pursuant to the University and College Act. 

If there are no applicants who are eligible for permanent appointment as associate professor, an applicant may be added for a temporary period of up to three years if the expert committee finds that he or she has the prerequisites to obtain the necessary qualifications within that time. A new expert assessment will be carried out by the end of this period. 

Furthermore, it is emphasised that you have 

  • Relevant experience from communication work 
  • The ability to build and maintain networks, regionally, nationally and internationally 
  • Good cooperation skills and the willingness to contribute to a constructive working environment, while being independent and reliable 
  • Good communication skills, both orally and in writing. The languages of work and teaching is Norwegian (or another scandinavian language) and English 
  • High working capacity and motivated to develop new knowledge in collaboration with others 

Emphasis is placed on personal suitability for the position. 

Applicants shall submit their application electronically to our application portal with the necessary information about education and practice, including the following content: 

  • Application text clearly setting out the motivation for the position and the applicant’s educational platform 
  • CV with full details of education, practice and other professional activities 
  • List of scientific works and/or development projects. The documentation shall contain a full overview of scientific activity or other activity of significance for the position. Applicants can deliver up to 15 scientific works/publications 
  • Plan for future research  
  • Diplomas and certificates, including link to the diploma portal ( 

Qualified applicants must be prepared to hold a trial teaching session/lecture   

We offer: 

  • An exciting job at a high-performance college 
  • A pleasant and stimulating working environment 
  • Great premises in central Oslo 
  • Good opportunities for professional development 
  • Corporate sports teams and private gym 
  • Salary to be agreed 

The workforce shall as far as possible reflect the diversity of the population. We encourage all eligible candidates to apply.   

Application deadline: 8th of January 2021 

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with us or do you have other questions about the position?  
Contact Professor Anders Olof Larsson, tel.+47 47 96 87 80, 

Only applications submitted via our application portal will be considered.  

An evaluation will be conducted of relevant candidates.    

Requirements for documentation when applying for evaluation 


The application text shall clearly state the interest for the position and the applicant’s education philosophy. The application text shall also be accompanied with a CV, certificates, diplomas (with link to the diploma portal), a plan for the applicant’s own research work and documentation of scientific competence and relevant practical-pedagogical competence. The documentation shall contain a full overview of scientific activity or other activity of significance for the position, and it is possible to deliver up to 15 scientific works/publications. 

Other documentation can be sent by email in 4 copies, and shall be submitted to the person responsible for the position, HR consultant Linn-Marie Harlem (, tel.: 99552431 before the deadline for applications. 

All applicants should familiarise themselves with the Regulations for employment and promotion in teaching and research positions, and the University and College Act. 

Evaluation criteria 

The applicant’s qualifications will be assessed by an expert committee. The committee will exclusively consider the application and the documentation that accompanies the application and which has been submitted before the application deadline. After the expert committee has issued its opinion, Kristiania University College’s nomination committee will make an assessment of those of the applicants that the expert committee has found academically best qualified. 

If you do not meet key aspects of the competence requirements, your application may be rejected before applications are submitted to the expert committee for assessment. 

The nomination committee shall invite applicants for an interview and for any relevant test teaching. Reference interviews may also be carried out. The nomination committee at Kristiania University College makes a recommendation after an overall assessment of the applicants’ professional competence and personal suitability. 

Kristiania University College’s Employment Committee is the appointment authority for the position. 

Contact person

Anders Olof Larsson


+47 47 96 87 80