Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

About the position:

A permanent full-time position is currently available at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Nord University, Campus Bodø as an Associate Professor/Lecturer in communication and media studies.

The position is affiliated with the history, culture and media research group and primarily assigned teaching and supervision duties for the journalism programme, including the master’s programme in Journalism and Communications.

In the event of an insufficient number of applicants or if there are other reasons why it is not possible to appoint an Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer, the position of Lecturer could be offered. When appointing a Lecturer, the Faculty will ensure that a skills development plan is drawn up to ensure that the employee can qualify for an associate position over time.

This position has Campus Bodø as its daily work place. The lecturer must expect responsibilities at other campuses of NordUniversity.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach and supervise practical and theoretical communication.
  • Teach and develop knowledge on practical and ethical questions and topics in communication.
  • It is an important premise that the person we hire becomes an active partner in the journalism and new media research group.
  • The successful applicant must have knowledge of research focused on political communication, PR, marketing, public communication, or similar.
  • Is interested in following trends in digital communication and stay updated on change, development and innovation.
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Qualification requirements for all hires in this position:

Appointment as Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer:

  • A Norwegian doctoral degree within a relevant academic field or a corresponding international doctoral degree recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree, or equivalent expertise at a similar level documented through scientific production of the same scope and quality will be required for appointment as an Associate Professor. Relevant fields include social sciences, information science or an educational background with an emphasis on practical and theoretical expertise in the production and analysis of visual communications.
  • Extensive documented research and development work, the quality and scope of which corresponds to a doctoral workload in the aforementioned fields, will be required for appointment as an Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer.

Appointment as Lecturer:

  • For appointment to the post of Lecturer, we expect a relevant education from a university or university college includes a master’s degree or equivalent in social sciences, media studies, information science or similar. This needs to be documented with proof of degree, references, relevant publications or research material, and proof of relevant practical work through attestation or samples.

Common to all:

  • The successful applicant must have in-depth knowledge of research focused on political communication, PR, marketing, public communication, or similar.
  • Is interested in following trends in digital communication and stay updated on change, development and innovation.
  • It is a benefit if the applicant has experience with practical communication, photography, video and other visual communication.
  • Relevant practical educational skills are required for the position. Applicants must document that they have basic skills in planning, implementing, evaluating and developing teaching and supervision. New supplementary provisions for educational skills came into effect on 1 September, 2019. For further information, see the University’s website. Applicants who are unable to document relevant practical educational skills at the time of appointment must acquire such skills within a two-year period. Nord University offers a course on University Pedagogy which covers this requirement.
  • It is advantageous if the applicant has experience of photography, video production and photojournalism or communications work.
  • Norwegian is the working language for teaching and administration. Employees are expected to gain a working mastery of a Scandinavian language similar to CERF B2 within two years.
  • Good oral and written presentation skills in English.
  • The successful applicant must have knowledge of research focused on political communication, PR, marketing, public communication, or similar.
  • Is interested in following trends in digital communication and stay updated on change, development and innovation.

Emphasis will be placed on the following when assessing and ranking qualified applicants:

  • Educational background
  • Research and development work within the academic field
  • Relevant experience with journalism or communication/PR
  • Ability to communicate easily with students and colleagues, and participate actively in the development of the professional community
  • Personal abilities that can contribute positively to the work environment
  • It is beneficial if the applicant has experience with practical communication.

We offer:

The salary for the position is in accordance with the Norwegian government’s regulations, code 1011 for Associate Professor, code 1198 for Senior Lecturer and code 1009 for Lecturer. Salary by agreement. A mandatory salary deduction is made to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

  • Good loan, insurance, and pension plan in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Creative and collegial working environment
  • A continually evolving workplace Flexible working hours
  • Active Enterprise Sports Team

General Information:

The successful applicant must abide by the relevant laws, agreements and instructions that apply for the position. We reserve the right to make changes to the responsibilities and area of work associated with the position that may result from future organizational development and reorganization at Nord University.

The government labour force shall reflect the diversity of the population whenever possible. Nord University therefore encourages qualified candidates with disabilities, gaps in their CVs, immigrant backgrounds or alternative educational, work and life experiences to apply. The university has a moderate gender quota policy in accordance with the local adjustment agreement which falls under the Basic Agreement for the Norwegian Civil Service.

Any information about impaired functional abilities or gaps in CVs may be used for anonymised registration purposes.


For further information about the position, pleast contact:

Application process:

  • Applicants will be assessed by an expert assessment committee.
  • Prospective candidates will be summoned for an interview and a trial lecture.


Applications must be submitted electronically before 31/03/2023

The electronic application must include:

  • An application letter containing a description of your motivation for applying for the position
  • A full CV (education, work and teaching experience and overview of any scientific publications). Certified copies of grade transcripts, diplomas and relevant certificates
  • Complete copies of a selection of up to ten of the most relevant publications and an overview of these
  • The doctoral thesis/master’s thesis must be enclosed as one of these works. Applicants are asked to prioritise the five most important works and to provide a justification for the prioritisation
  • Educational CV and reflection notes in accordance with supplementary provisions for educational expertise.
  • Contact details for two-three references (names, relationship to the applicant, telephone numbers, e-mail address)
  • Applicants with a doctorate outside the EU/EEA or Britain should attach a statement from NOKUT

All documentation that is to be considered must be uploaded as attachments to the application.

Complete electronic documentation must be submitted by the application deadline.

Following expiry of the application deadline, a public list of applicants will be prepared. Please note that information about the applicant may be published even after the applicant has expressed a desire to be omitted from the list of applicants. Applicants who nevertheless request confidential processing must justify this specifically in their application. In such cases, applicants will be notified prior to publication. 30071353