Invitational tenure track professorships in social sciences and communication sciences

LUT University will launch degree programmes in social sciences in autumn 2023. The university’s research in social sciences and communication sciences will also be further strengthened.

LUT University is aiming to build a school of social sciences of a thousand students and a hundred researchers by the 2030s. The school will be an essential actor at the university. The City of Lappeenranta is funding our university’s new field of study by 10 million euros.

LUT’s research in social sciences and communication sciences is based on understanding society and human activities in relation to global sustainability problems. We believe that by engaging people and communities more strongly at the very start of problem-solving, we will bring about changes more quickly.

As part of the start-up of research and education in social sciences and communication sciences, we will be filling tenure track professorships through invitation. We are looking for candidates interested in a tenure track position of assistant professor, associate professor or full professor.

The research will focus on the following core areas:

Sustainable citizenship
–    Ecological, economic and social sustainability
–    Social perspectives on climate change, biodiversity and environmental change overall
–    Engaged, empowered and influential citizens and dialogue between institutions or political and societal structures and citizens
–    Information literacy and power

Societal renewal
–    Politics and leadership of global ecological and economic issues
–    Technology and our society
–    Strategic communication and engagement, particularly in the fields of climate change, sustainability and technology

People and technology
–    Social studies of science and technology, socio-technical entanglement and collaboration
–    Behavioural and practical perspectives on climate change, biodiversity and environmental change overall
–    Ethical dimensions of emerging technologies

The new professorships are located at LUT’s Lappeenranta campus. The aim is for the work to start on 1 January 2023.  

Persons currently holding a professorship or an assistant or associate professorship at a university other than LUT are eligible for the positions.  The vacancies will be filled in accordance with LUT’s tenure track policies for either a fixed term of four years (assistant/associate professor) or permanently (full professor).

The tenure track system offers a possibility to advance to a full professorship. LUT is committed to providing tenure track researchers the possibility to advance to the next level, provided they meet the requirements in the promotion reviews, are suitable for the position, and conduct research that fits LUT’s strategy and operation. More information on the LUT tenure track system:

The annual gross salary for an assistant/associate professor amounts to 46 700 – 62 800 euros and for full professor to 65 300 – 96 800 euros, depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

For further information, please contact  Dean Riina Salmimies, tel. +358 45 631 0917 (available on 15 September at 10-13 and 16 September at 14-17).  

To present your candidacy for any of the positions, please submit your interest and curriculum vitae via email to by 25 September 2022. 

LUT Social sciences / LUT Yhteiskuntatieteet

Clean energy, water and air are life-giving resources for which we at LUT University seek new solutions with our expertise in technology, business and social sciences. We help society and businesses in their sustainable renewal. Our international community consists of 7 500 members. Our campuses are in Lappeenranta and Lahti, Finland. We are the world’s ninth best university for climate action.

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