Nordicom Seeks Assistant Director

Nordicom is now looking for a full-time assistant director. The assistant director will work with Nordicom’s director and participate in the strategic and day-to-day management of Nordicom’s operations. 

This new position will be an investment in Nordicom’s ongoing expansion. Jonas Ohlsson, director of Nordicom, says:

– In the last few years, Nordicom has had a limited assistant director position. Now we are scaling up and hiring a person full time for this role. It will give us better conditions to further strengthen Nordicom’s position as an important player in the Nordic media research infrastructure.

Nordicom has three main tasks: to spread knowledge and facts about the role of media in the Nordic countries; to publish new media research with a Nordic focus; and to strengthen contacts among Nordic media researchers. In August this year, Nordicom launched the digital platform NordMedia Network, which will serve as a gathering place and knowledge resource for the Nordic media research community. Jonas Ohlsson says:

– Nordicom is currently in an exciting development phase. We are focusing on changing the services we offer for a media landscape that is becoming increasingly digital and global. We see that the things we do have a big impact, both in and outside the academy, not least in the media industry. Being able to take part in and lead such an organisation is very inspiring.

For many years, Nordicom has worked closely with the Nordic Council of Ministers, which contributes to the financing of the organisation. Nordicom also has a special assignment from the Swedish Ministry of Culture to map the media development in Sweden more specifically. This assignment includes conducting the annual Swedish media barometer survey, which is the oldest scientific study of a population’s media habits in the world. Jonas Ohlsson says:

– Our financing model allows us to operate independently, without commercial or political interests. We are financed by Nordic tax funds, and we, therefore, have an important mission to contribute with research-based knowledge to a social debate that seems to disregard factual basis.

Deadline for applications: 8 November 2019