PhD Fellow in Media Studies

The position

A PhD position in media studies is available at the Department of Tourism and Northern Studies with the research group Narrating the Postcolonial North: Travel, Writing, Performance.

The objective of the position is to complete research training to the level of a doctoral degree. Admission to the PhD programme is a prerequisite for employment, and the programme period starts on commencement of the position. 

The position is located at the Department of Tourism and Northern Studies (IRN) in Alta. The appointed person must have their daily workplace at the Alta campus. IRN is part of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. The institute has 16 permanent employees, and conducts teaching, research and communication within tourism studies, northern studies and media production.

The Department has a strong research profile and extensive experience with major research projects, including through the research group Narrating the Postcolonial North: Travel, Writing, Performance (NTPN) which research field as tourism, media and new interaction practices in an Arctic context.

The PhD Fellow will be part of an active and engaged environment with good national and international collaboration partners.

The PhD Fellow position is for a period of three years’ full-time study, with the possibility of of extended employment if the doctoral dissertation is submitted within the standard time. If the doctoral dissertation is submitted along with a written recommendation from the supervisor within 3 years or 3 1/2 years from the start date, the PhD Fellow will be receiving a completion grant offer of 12 or 6 months respectively. More information about the completion grant scheme here.

The doctoral project is carried out during the appointment period. A 6-12 month stay at a foreign university is encouraged during the scholarship period.

The workplace is at UiT in Alta. You must be able to start in the position within a reasonable time after receiving the offer.

The position’s field of research

The PhD fellow will be affiliated with the research group Narrating the Postcolonial North: Travel, Writing, Performance. This research group explores media, tourism, and experience production via interdisciplinary approaches, and addresses interaction practices in the North.  

Applicants are asked to design a PhD project in media studies within the following context: 

Sámi as well as Kven artists have taken a prominent position in reclaiming visibility and there is a national and international interest in Sámi and Kven literature, art, popular culture, television shows, films, and music. Simultaneously, there is racism, conflicts, and at times turbulent political debates in Sápmi/the North. There are on-going discussions concerning majority – minority relations, Indigenous and minority rights, and racism, but also regarding identity and representation.

Relevant topics for the PhD project can for instance be, but are not limited to, media and intercultural dialogue; diversity, and freedom of speech; representations in media and public discourse; historical and contemporary narratives in film, television, and social media; memory, identity politics, and public debate; or activism, power, and political resistance.

The applicants must present a proposal outlining the academic basis of the PhD project. The project proposal shall not exceed five pages, literature references included. It must include a description of the theme, research question(s) and a reasoning of the choices. It should also indicate the methodologies to be used. The final project description will be developed in cooperation with the supervisor. Template for project description can be found here.


Your application must include: 

  • Cover letter explaining your motivation and research interests
  • CV
  • Diploma for bachelor’s and master’s degree
  • Transcript of grades/academic record for bachelor’s and master’s degree
  • Explanation of the grading system for foreign education (Diploma Supplement if available)
  • Documentation of English proficiency
  • References with contact information
  • Master’s thesis, and any other academic works
  • Project description (max. 5 pages, incl. literature references)

Qualification with a master’s degree is required before commencement in the position. If you are near completion of your master’s degree, you may still apply and submit a draft version of the thesis and a statement from your supervisor or institution indicating when the degree will be obtained. You must still submit your transcripts for the master’s degree with your application.

All documentation to be considered must be in a Scandinavian language or English. Diplomas and transcripts must also be submitted in the original language, if not in English or Scandinavian. If English proficiency is not documented in the application, it must be documented before starting in the position. We only accept applications and documentation sent via Jobbnorge within the application deadline. 


For further information about the position, please contact: