Post-doctoral Researcher (Social Sciences)

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Intimacy in Data-driven Culture (IDA) is multidisciplinary research project funded by the Strategic Research council (STN). It explores the ways in which digitalization and datafication affect and shape private, social, occupational, and collective lives and everyday experiences. IDA investigates the digital everyday life of different groups of people and professionals (migrants, activists, politicians, actors and other public figures). We study how they use different digital devices, applications and services, tracing and analysing experiences of datafied everyday lives and the data practices of various platforms and services. IDA explores how this privacy as data is increasingly under surveillance – tracked, collected, and compiled in marketable and governable data profiles – and what social inequalities and vulnerabilities this entails for different groups. IDA develops data policy that respects and enhances human rights and seeks solutions to prevent mechanisms that deepen data-driven inequalities.