Postdoctoral Position in Communication and Media

About the position

At Nord University, Faculty of Social sciences, there is a temporary postdoctoral position, 100% over three years, in communication and media, with a focus on the importance of precise, correct, open and reliable communication.

The research group of journalism and new media look at the importance of journalism and communication for open, informed and functional local communities. One of the main research programs is “The New Local” that focuses on the importance of closeness independent of geography. This project can look at how global and national decisions and policies are communicated, how local problems, experiences and central questions are brought to decision makers and become a part of the national and international knowledge sharing, or how communication is dependent on identity and identification to be received and used.

The person who is employed is expected to spend two years on research on current subjects within communication – media and one year on teaching-related tasks. The research activity is expected to be the master’s programme. Part of the teaching-related tasks is to teach and supervise students in master’s education in journalism and communication work, and it is expected that results from the project can be used to develop the teaching. In addition to individual research, the postdoctoral fellow will be invited to participate in joint projects and their publication. The appointed person is expected to take an active part in the academic environment at Nord University.

The position has its office in Bodø, and it is expected that the recipient takes an active part in the research environment at Nord university.

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About the project 

Applying for the postdoctoral position, the applicant should include a project description of a two-year research project. The project description should also include a progress plan. Applications that focus on communication between the public management and the population will be prioritised. It is a given that the applicant needs to be able to finish the project within the two years of the position.

This project can focus on how global or national decisions and processes are communicated to the entirety of populations, how local problems, experiences and central questions are communicated to decision makers and become part of national and global knowledge sharing, or how communication is dependent on identification and proximity to be received and used. To support this direction we are looking for a two year hire in a post doctoral position to focus on the meaning of precise, correct, open and trustworthy communication.

The project plan covers five pages, and must contain:

  • Theoretical framework.
  • Methological framework.
  • Clear plans for how to carry out the research
  • Plans for publication and communication of the research.

 Qualification requirements 

  • The successful candidate is expected to have finished a ph.d. in social science or media and communication.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language
  • Good collaboration skills and great work capacity
  • Ability to design and carry out research at a level beyond ph.d.

Qualified candidates will be ranked by

  • Submitted project sketch and professional profile, interest in the project and the quality of publications and submitted written work
  • The applicant’s motivation to apply for the position
  • Personal suitability will be emphasized
  • Mastery of languages of relevance to the project, Norwegian/ English or other Scandinavian languages will be taken into account

We offer

 The salary for the position is in accordance with the Norwegian government’s regulations, kode 1352 postdoc. – ltr 24, NOK 534.400-574.700. For specially qualified applicants – salary by agreement.  A mandatory salary deduction is made to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

  • Good loan, insurance, and pension plan in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Creative and collegial working environment
  • A continually evolving workplace
  • Flexible working hours
  • Wide range of sports and leisure activities for university employees.
  • An interesting urban environment in a scenic landscape. Bodø is European Capital of Culture 2024.

General information

The successful applicant must abide by the relevant laws, agreements and instructions that apply to the position. We reserve the right to make changes to the responsibilities and area of work associated with the position that may result from future organizational development and reorganization at Nord University.

The government labour force shall reflect the diversity of the population whenever possible. Nord University therefore encourages qualified candidates with disabilities, gaps in their CVs, immigrant backgrounds or alternative educational, work and life experiences to apply. The university has a moderate gender quota policy in accordance with the local adjustment agreement which falls under the Basic Agreement for the Norwegian Civil Service.

Any information about impaired functional abilities or gaps in CVs may be used for anonymised registration purposes.


For further information about the position, please contact:


Applications must be submitted electronically before 30.04.2023

All documentation that is to be considered must be uploaded as attachments to the application.

The electronic application must include:

  • An application letter containing a description of your reasons for applying for the position
  • A full CV (education, work and teaching experience and overview of any scientific publications).
  • Certified copies of grade transcripts, diplomas and relevant certificates.
  • Complete copies of a selection of up three of the most relevant publications and an overview of these
  • The doctoral thesis must be enclosed as one of these works. Applicants are asked to prioritise the three most important works and to provide a justification for the prioritisation.
  • A concise project sketch must be attached to the application. Max five pages.
  • Documentation of other activities considered relevant to the position and which the applicant would like to be considered in the assessment.
  • Contact details for two or three references (names, relationship to the applicant, telephone numbers, e-mail address).
  • Signed form for permission to obtain assessment of foreign education (if relevant)
  • Applicants with a doctorate outside the EU/EEA or Britain should attach a statement from NOKUT–foreign-education/recognition-of-foreign-higher-education-bachelor-master-ph.d/

Complete electronic documentation must be submitted by the application deadline.

Applicants will be evaluated by an internal expert committee. Relevant applicants will be called for an interview or other presentations.

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