Researcher in Visual Studies

The Visual Studies Lab at the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication is looking for a Researcher. The Lab concentrates on work on vision and visuality from a social science and humanities perspective, with empirically grounded, interdisciplinary methods of working. As such, The Visual Studies Lab brings together different disciplinary perspectives to advance the study of the visual. Home disciplines include, but are not limited to, visual studies, visual cultures, visual journalism and image science (Bildwissenschaft).

Job description

We are looking for a Researcher in the area of photojournalism, information visualization and image theory / visual studies.

The successful candidate will work with Professor Asko Lehmuskallio on a research project titled ‘ImageKnowledge’, which aims to understand the interrelations between images, knowledge and claims to veracity. The work includes also organizational work at the Visual Studies Lab, as well as teaching based on the research.


You need to have a Master’s degree in visual studies, visual journalism, media studies, digital cultures, cultural anthropology or a related field and have demonstrated (during your studies towards the Master’s degree or otherwise) the competence and motivation to work as a project researcher. 

The project research requires either 

1) Excellent qualitative research skills (interviews, focus groups, participant observation),

2) An excellent understanding of visuals (either as creator or theoretician of images), and/or

3) an excellent critical understanding of computational visualizations (either as creator or analyst of images).

Candidates are selected based on the level of promise that they show, and this will be evaluated on the basis of their study and research plans, their previous success in studies, and merits in other relevant fields.

Tampere University is a unique, multidisciplinary and boldly forward-looking, evolving community. Our values are openness, diversity, responsibility, courage, critical thinking, erudition bildung, and learner-centredness. We hope that you can embrace these values and promote them in your work.

We offer

The position will be filled for a fixed-term period of maximum three (3) years. The starting date is 1 October 2021 or as mutually agreed. A trial period of six (6) months applies to all our new employees.

The salary will be based on both the job requirements and the employee’s personal performance in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities. According to the criteria applied to teaching and research staff, the position of a Researcher is placed on level 2—4 of the job requirements scale. Starting salaries for a Researcher are from ca. 2400 EUR/month upwards, depending on experience.

We offer a wide range of staff benefits, such as occupational health care, flexible working hours, excellent sports facilities on campus and several restaurants and cafés on campus with staff discounts. Please read more about working at Tampere University.

We are inviting you to be a part of a vibrant, active and truly international research community. We value interdisciplinarity, as it allows you to expand your research network and exposes you to new perspectives and ideas to solve complex research problems and pursue novel research findings. We are strongly committed to the highest level of scientific research and the provision of high-quality doctoral education. 

How to apply

Please submit your application through our online recruitment system. The closing date for applications is 17 September 2021 (23:59 EEST /UTC +3). Please write your application and all the accompanying documentation in Finnish, German or English and attach them in PDF format.

Please attach only the following documents to your application: 

  • A letter of motivation and description of your research interests (max. 3 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae according to the TENK template  (including the contact details of two referees, no letters are needed at this stage).
  • A list of publications (if any) as a part of the curriculum vitae.
  • A portfolio of your work (max. 40 pages, may include written essays, visual work, links to published work).
  • Pdf copy of your MA and BA degree certificates, including transcripts of all university records and their English translations (Finnish and Swedish certificates are also accepted). 
  • Certificate of language proficiency (English and/or Finnish).

For further information, please contact:

Professor Asko Lehmuskallio,