Senior Lecturer in Applied Visual Communication

Work duties

Work duties include teaching and research. A smaller amount of administrative tasks is included.

Teaching takes place in Swedish as well as in English and both in first cycle and second cycle of studies in strategic communication. The department currently offers three programmes: Master of Science in Strategic Communication, Kandidatprogrammet i strategisk kommunikation and Kandidatprogrammet i strategisk kommunikation och digitala medier. The department also offers free standing courses.

Teaching in applied visual communication, such as graphic design and video, design studies and fashion studies, and design methods, is included in the position. Teaching in strategic communication, research methods, and supervision of independent assignments is also included.

In addition to teaching and supervision in first and second cycles, the holder of the position shall take responsibility for the development, management and administration of courses. Since we emphasize continuous quality management, an interest in pedagogical renewal and development is essential.

Research and training is included (20%). The candidate shall function as an independent and active researcher, and s/he is expected to contribute to the research environment of the department. There is an established partnership between the Department and the research environment in Fashion Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. The Department also cooperates with the research environment in Creative Industries at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies. The holder of the position will be able to engage with these research environments.


A person who has obtained a PhD or an equivalent degree in Design Studies or Art Studies with a focus on Applied Visual Communication or has acquired the equivalent research expertise in other ways, or has other practical experience of relevance for the area of expertise and work duties of the position, shall be considered eligible for the position.

Additionally, at least five weeks’ of professional development training within university teaching is required.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate pedagogical ability and experience of teaching and research within the area of Applied Visual Communication.


The grounds for assessment are the general degree of research, teaching, administrative and other expertise of significance within Applied Visual Communication/Strategic Communication. Documented experience of teaching in Swedish, or another Scandinavian language, and English, in both speech and writing, is desirable. Expertise and technical comepetnce regarding digital design tools and software is a demand, as well as the ability to follow and contribute to the development within this field. Experience of teaching in Strategic Communication with a focus on Applied Visual Communication  such as graphic design and video, and design and/or fashion, as well as practical experience from the industry, is desirable.

For this position, experience of pedagogical development in interdisciplinary environments are desirable.. The department is rather small and has a collegial approach to work and sees the teaching staff group as a work team that is collectively responsible for the quality of education and for educational development. A good ability to cooperate and a willingness to work together in a group is highly valued.


The application is to be submitted electronically to the Lund University e-recruitment portal. The application should be designed according to “Instructions for applications for academic posts and promotion” at the Faculty of Social Sciences instructions for applications for academic posts and promotion. 

Applicants shall indicate in their list of publication the maximum 10 publications to which they principally wish to refer. These publications shall be attached to the application.

Instructions for applications for academic posts and promotion

Teaching academy criteria for assessment of teaching skills decision

The university applies individual pay determination. You are welcome to include a salary requirement in your application.