Senior Lecturer in Media Production Specialising in Audiovisual Production

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The Department of Media and Journalism (MJ) is part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and consists of a creative environment with courses and research in three subjects: Media Production, Media & Communication Science and Journalism.

The department strives to integrate academic research and professional competence and offers free-standing courses and subject-based courses in a range of educational programmes, many of which can be studied both on campus and through distance learning.

The department is now seeking to further enhance its position in the field of media production by appointing a senior lecturer in Media Production, specialising in Audiovisual Production. The aim is to further develop Media Production to create a main subject area with an academic foundation.

Subject area of the position

Media Production specialising in Audiovisual Production

Current location


Nature of the position

Permanent employment, 100%. A six-month trial period will be applied.

Job description

Duties involve tuition in the subject of Media Production at the first cycle and second cycle level, with a focus on theoretical understanding and vocational knowledge. This includes lectures, practical supervision and examination, as well as course planning and development, evaluation and other administration. Tuition takes place within both free-standing courses and the undergraduate programmes in Journalism and Communication Science.

The position includes research, and you are also expected to contribute and publish research in the field of media production, to take part in the department’s research faculty meetings, to actively seek research funding and to contribute to linking tuition to research and to its professional relevance and topicality.

Selection requirements

To be appointed as a senior lecturer, the applicant must have obtained a PhD or possess equivalent academic competence with reference to the subject matter of the appointment.

Appropriate subject areas for the appointment are: Media and Communication Studies, Journalism, Film Studies, Art Education or associated subjects with a link to media production.

Applicants must also be able to document educational skills, a good ability to collaborate and be able to teach in English.

Assessment criteria

The level of ability that is a requirement for the appointment will apply as assessment criteria for the appointment of a senior lecturer. Equal attention will be paid to assessing both educational aptitude and academic aptitude.

Educational aptitude shall relate not only to planning, implementation and evaluation of tuition but also to supervision and examination. Educational aptitude must be well documented in a way that enables the quality to be assessed.

Special emphasis will be placed on experience and educational aptitude with regard to teaching theories and methods of relevance to the subject of Media Production. Importance will also be attached to the ability to plan, initiate, link to research, manage and develop education and tuition.

When assessing academic aptitude, special emphasis will be placed on the experience of research in the subject of Media Production. The obtaining of external research funding for the subject’s research areas is also considered advantageous. When assessing academic aptitude, the academic quality will be considered in the first instance.

Significance will also be attached to the scope of research, primarily with regard to its depth and breadth.

Furthermore, significance is also attached to the ability to plan, manage, initiate and develop research and education, the ability to obtain funding for research in competition, and documented ability to interact both within the field of academia and with society at large.

Also advantageous for the appointment is up-to-date industry experience of documentary narrative, TV production, journalism and/or digital sound/image production.

Swedish language skills are considered an advantage.

When the university appoints new teachers, the applicants selected are those that are considered, through a qualitative assessment of competence and aptitude, to possess the best capacity to perform and develop relevant tasks and to contribute to the successful development of the organisation.

Union representatives can be reached via the University’s switchboard on telephone +46 772-28 80 00.

Deadline for applications: 14 February 2020