Media Education in the Nordic Countries: Lessons Learned from the Neighbours

In autumn 2020, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council will co-organize a series of webinars addressing media and information literacy (MIL) in the Nordic countries: Media Education in the Nordic Countries: Lessons Learned from the Neighbours.

The Nordic countries often appear as very similar, but when it comes to our approaches to MIL, Sweden’s neighbouring countries have adopted different approaches to enhancing the citizens’ knowledge, skills and competencies related to media. Even if the purposes of media education may be quite similar, there are different core concepts in policies and practices, with a different focus on the aspects of media literacy. In this series of three 45-minutes webinars, we will take a look at some topical MIL issues in Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Dates: September 23, September 30 and October 7 (weeks 39, 40 and 41)
Registration: Registration for this webinar series is closed
Venue: Zoom, a link will be sent to registered participants



Media Education for Older People

September 23, 2020
10:00-10:45, CET
Watch recorded webinar on the webinar page (link below)

Media literacy has become a frequently discussed area of research with regard to older people, and supporting agency in media-related issues – often referred to in the Finnish context as ‘media bildung’ – has an established tradition of pedagogical practice. How do elderly people gain agency in using digital media? How to support MIL work among older generations?

Main speaker: Päivi Rasi, Associate Professor at University of Lapland and Chair of the Finnish Society on Media Education

Best practices showcases: – “Online grandmas” chatting with teenagers; Association Enter ry supporting senior citizens’ ICT skills – see videos on the webinar website
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Media Education for Older People

Early Years Education and Digital Media

September 30, 2020

To protect or to encourage, and how to find the balance? This webinar focuses on media education for pre-school children. Denmark shows many interesting initiatives related to the early years of education for children between and 6 years. What kind of practices and policies should be adopted when even small children are more and more becoming co-producers of online content?

Main speaker: Stine Liv Johansen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University and Chair of the Danish Media Council

Best practices showcases: a development project in Vejle municipality, Hopspots – interactive technology for pre-school children
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Early Years Education and Digital Media

Media Literacy and Marginalized Groups

October 7, 2020

How can integration of often marginalized groups such as immigrants be advanced with the help of media? In this webinar, our speakers are reflecting the possibilities of online communities as a way of enhancing inclusion and citizenship.

Main speaker: Carol Azungi Dralega, Associate Professor at NLA University College

Best practices showcases: game developer studio Spillverket, resources for young people on gaming, an inclusion network for minority women
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Media Literacy and Marginalized Groups

Feedback from the Participants

“I think that the webinar was extremely interesting! I will inform my colleagues about this series, as well, and hope that they will watch the recordings afterwards!” Librarian 

“Thank you for such a great webinar! I’m just about to start collaboration with a local project related to the topic of today’s webinar and the webinar gave me lots of new ideas.” Community developer

“A great mix topics from different countries! I’m currently in the point of learning more about media and information literacy and this webinar series will help me a lot to dig deeper into this topic.” Journalist


More Information

For more information, please contact project manager Jonatan Rolfer ( at the Swedish Media Council or co-director Maarit Jaakkola ( at Nordicom.