Pre-Conference for Doctoral Students 2021

About the Pre-Conference

The NordMedia pre-conference is a one-day academic workshop for doctoral students in media and communication studies and will be held on the 17th August 2021 in Reykjavik, one day before the NordMedia2021 Conference.

The pre-conference will offer doctoral students a possibility to receive feedback from senior scholars in a collegial atmosphere. The workshop is also a forum for doctoral students to network with other Nordic scholars and scholars-to-be.

Participants will be selected on the basis of an abstract that will be submitted in February 2021. The selected participants will be asked to submit a full academic paper to be presented and discussed at the pre-conference. The paper can be an article manuscript or a chapter to be included in the doctoral thesis. We will invite distinguished Nordic scholars to comment and give feedback on the participants’ papers.

Additionally, one part of the workshop will be dedicated to the exchange of experiences and career advice. After the pre-conference, participants have the possibility to continue following the NordMedia Conference in Iceland.

We will employ a number of different working methods in the workshop, including lectures, poster presentations and small-group discussions. Our aim is that after the pre-conference the participants will have feel encouraged and inspired to continue their doctoral studies.

The pre-conference is free of charge, and the participants are invited to listen to conference presentations at the NordMedia Conference without paying the conference fee. However, if participants intend to present a paper at the main conference, they are expected to pay the conference fee. Each pre-conference participant covers the travel and accommodation costs. Usually, doctoral students receive a travel grant from their department or doctoral study program.

Thank You for Attending!

Thank you for all participants of the pre-conference – both doctoral students and senior discussants!

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The next pre-conference will be organized in 2023 in Norway.


There were 38 participants attending the pre-conference. In total, 31 invited senior scholars contributed to the event. Next call will be launched in Spring 2023.


  • January 2021: Webinar for doctoral students organized by NordMedia Network
  • March 10, 2021: Deadline for abstracts
  • April 2021: Decision of abstract acceptance
  • May 3, 2021: Decision upon the conference going virtual (or not)
  • May 31, 2021: Registration for the pre-conference (via mail)
  • July 30, 2021: Deadline for full papers
  • August 17, 2021: pre-conference (virtual)
  • Why should you participate?

    • feedback


      Discover new aspects of and future paths for your ongoing doctoral research.

    • star

      Support and encouragement

      Become empowered by peers’ and seniors scholars’ experiences.

    • share


      Gain contacts for your future academic life.

    “What I found the most rewarding about the pre-conference in Malmö was the opportunity to get feedback on a draft of my methods chapter from a professor in my field. There aren’t that many opportunities during your PhD years where you can get feedback from people outside your own department. My reader was very thorough and sharp, but also encouraging and constructive, and gave me valuable critique that I have incorporated into my work since.”

    Torbjörn Rolandsson, Stockholm University, participant in 2019

    “I could not imagine a better way to start my PhD studies than attending the NordMedia pre-conference! The pre-conference offered a friendly introduction to crucial parts of PhD life, especially presenting and discussing papers in a real conference setting. This experience has been enormously beneficial in my work. I also learned a lot from other participants, and during the pre-conference week, the group quite quickly became a community. The side events in Malmö were also great fun!”

    Outi Puukko, University of Helsinki, participant in 2019

    Questions and Answers

    • How much does the pre-conference cost?
      The doctoral pre-conference is free of charge. Each participant will pay his or her travel and accommodation costs. Please ask your home institution for funding possibilities.
    • Is there a possibility to gain credit points (ECTS) from the pre-conference?
      The pre-conference will be embedded in the doctoral studies at the doctoral student’s home university and its curriculum. The participants will be given a certificate with a recommendation for 5 ECTS that can be validated at the home university. The ultimate number of credit points depends upon the home university’s decision.
    • Will it be possible to participate in both the NordMedia Conference and the pre-conference?
      Yes – the participants of the pre-conference will be allowed to listen to the presentations at the NordMedia Conference without paying the conference fee. However, if PhD students want to present a paper at the NordMedia main conference, they are categorized as regular participants and need to pay the conference fee. There is no adjusted fee for PhD students.
    • What can I submit to the pre-conference?
      The purpose of the pre-conference is to submit material that will be part of your PhD thesis and receive feedback on it. You can submit a full academic paper (conference paper) or a book chapter, related to your PhD thesis.
    • Will it be possible to submit the same paper to the NordMedia Conference and to the doctoral pre-conference?
      Yes, absolutely – but please note that the full participation in the NordMedia Conference (incl. paper presentation) involves a registration fee.
    • What if it will not be possible to organize the pre-conference because of the pandemic?
      We are following the development of the pandemic and make our decisions in synchrony with the NordMedia Conference. If the conference will be postponed, we will inform about it in advance. Alternatively, the pre-conference will take place in a virtual form.
    • Will it be possible to participate in the virtual preconference as a listener, without presenting a paper?
      If you are a PhD student interested in following the preconference, please mail to and we will arrange it for you.

    More Questions?

    The pre-conference will now be organized for the third time. For the first time, it was organized in conjunction with the NordMedia2017 Conference in Tampere, Finland.

    For further information and inquiries, please contact Maarit Jaakkola, co-director at Nordicom (, and Karin Zelano (, scientific editor at Nordicom.

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