About NordMedia

NordMedia has been held every second year since 1973. The conference migrates among the five Nordic countries, with each country hosting the conference every tenth year.

As a basic principle, NordMedia is a rather informal conference, where discussion about research is the main task, rather than only presenting research. The conference includes plenary sessions, but the main business goes on in the division sessions.

The conference organisation

NordMedia is organised by the national media and communication researcher associations in cooperation with Nordicom. Planning for the next NordMedia starts immediately after the last one is finished, with organisers meeting online a few times every semester and during the period between conferences. The committee meets once in the city where the next NordMedia will be held.

Suggestions and ideas for the conference can be sent to Nordicom and will be forwarded to the organising committee. 

About a year before a conference is held, a local organising committee is created to make contact with chairs, co-chairs and participants. However, throughout the planning process, online meetings with the Nordic committee continue.

Everyone participating in the conference pays the full fee – no discounts are given.

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