Division 12: Game Studies

About the division

Digital and digitally enabled games are the primary focus of this division. We invite contributions from technological, aesthetical, social, political, cultural, and activist perspectives. We accept full papers, long abstracts, panels, and workshop proposals.

Digital and digitally enabled games are tightly interwoven with technology. They require technological infrastructure for their production, distribution, and play. Technological progress is frequently portrait as a main driver of games. At that same time, games are presented as the aim of technological progress.

Games can even be said to be a kind of technology, a kind of medium with its own logics of expression, meaning-making, and manipulation. This call is interested in contributions that complicate the relationship of games and technology, that resist the simple binary of tech driving games, and that engage with the messy realities of lived cultures and human beings. We invite critical perspectives on the power relationships of game makers in this technological scaffolding and on the political economy of games and technology. We invite work that complicates the conversations around issues like:

–          Games and AI

–          Games and the metaverse

–          Games and digital platforms

–          Digitally enabled games and play

–          Digital game literacy

–          Games as technology

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