Division 8: Organization, Communication and Promotion

About the division

This division is interested in organizational communication and its many variations on individual, organizational, and societal levels. On the micro level, it explores how individuals impact and are impacted by organizational communication. On the meso level, it asks how organizational communication is organized in organizations such as corporations, NGOs, and state bodies. On the macro level, it investigates how organizational communication influences and is influenced by society. The division is based in research fields such as public relations, organizational communication, corporate communication, crisis communication, promotional communication, and marketing communication. The research is characterized by multi-disciplinary approaches founded in the social sciences and the humanities.

The division welcomes both critical and managerial perspectives. From the traditional and historical approach, researchers in strategic communication have often worked closely to practice with applied and normative assumptions. The aim has often been to develop and optimize strategic communicative practices in corporations and public organizations. At the same time, organizations and organizational communication in society play an important part globally in shaping, mediating, and organizing contemporary realities and challenges. Such practices call for researchers to investigate them critically.

Examples of key concepts in Division 8 include (but are not limited to): legitimacy, relation, trust, culture, crisis, image, profile, identity, framing, promotion, agenda setting, cultivation, branding, marketing, decision-making, influencing, effects, power, surveillance, literacy, and strategy. The division welcomes both theoretical or conceptual papers (based on the analysis of concepts) and empirical studies.

The conference theme for NordMedia 2023 is “Technological Takeover? Social and Cultural implications – promises and pitfalls”. Therefore, we encourage researchers to propose contributions that highlight the importance, challenges, and possibilities of technology in organizational communication. Phenomena of interest are, among others, strategic, organizational, and promotional perspectives on big data, machine learning/artificial intelligence, algorithms, platformization, datafication, (deep) mediatization, and commercial surveillance. 

This division accepts full papers, long abstracts, panel presentations, and workshops.

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