TWG 1: Game Studies

About the division

Digital games are the primary focus of this TWG. We invite contributions from technological, aesthetical, social, political, cultural, and activist perspectives. This temporary working group accepts both full papers, long abstracts, panels, and workshop proposals. 

Digital games are a central element of the Nordic media ecology both in terms of playing and making games. The impact games and gaming on our societies are both hard to define and undeniable. They extend towards increased access to cultural production and creativity, allowing people to be social in isolation, and to expand the social imaginary. At the same time, they might lead to exploitation and precarity, isolate people under the guise of sociability, and are connected to xenophobic and bigoted movements that threaten our democratic society and civic liberties. This means that the study of games and gaming in critical media studies is crucial at this point both to increase our understanding and our capacity for collective action. This means that his TWG is an inclusive home for a diverse, critical, activist, and political work connected to games and game culture. Together we can be resilient and weather the crisis.

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