TWG 4: Visual Communication and Culture

About the division

What does the Covid19 pandemic look like? How does digital social life translate as visual culture? What is seen and what is made invisible in a situation where travel and everyday social practices have been suspended? What is the ethical implication of visually representing the pandemic, or of withholding such visualizations for that matter? The politics of visual communication, and the visual in mediated and cultural processes, may be particularly poignant at this historical moment of multiple global crises. The Covid 19 pandemic, the ongoing climate/environmental crisis, the economic, political and social effects of these crises (e.g. a seeming return to the national) affect us all in different ways and raise questions about visual ethics, truth and lies, credibility, agency and affect in visual communication processes and practices. In this context, and following the conference theme, the temporary working group Visual Communication and Culture particularly welcome empirical research and critical engagement with visual storytelling and innovative, creative practices. Furthermore, it encourages contributions considering how visual communication processes may address and engage the imagination and visual agency. Given its aim to contribute to the development of theory and method, the group invites theoretical papers and contributions engaging with and developing methods for visual analyses, including workshops and panels.

While papers, abstracts, panel and workshop proposals addressing the conference theme «Crisis and resilience: Nordic media research on the frontline» are encouraged, other proposals are welcome as long as an investigation of – or through – the visual is the primary focus.

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