Sponsors and Collaborators

TekLab is a network for research, education and innovation within the media and communications sector. TekLab develops new collaborations that can promote technology development at the intersection between research and education. They collaborate with local and national technology companies within the media and communications sector.

MediaFutures’ main goal is to generate innovation and value creation for the Norwegian news media and media technology industry through long-term research on responsible media technologies.

The center focuses on advanced new media technology for responsible and effective media user engagement, media content production & analysis, media content interaction and accessibility.

The Center for Digital Narrative works with humanities-driven research in electronic literature, games studies, digital culture, and computation to advance understanding of digital narrative. The center focuses on algorithmic narrativity, new environments and materialities, and shifting cultural contexts.

The Norwegian Media Cluster is a world ­leader in ­augmented ­reality, graphics, AI, virtual studios, broadcast & IP based video, robotics and tools for workflow and visual storytelling.

Medianorway is a public information centre located at the University of Bergen. They compile Norwegian media statistics from a number of different sources and publish the data on Internet. Their objective is to document media trends and development in Norway. Medianorway participates in a Nordic collaboration to produce comparative media statistics for the Nordic countries, coordinated by Nordicom.