NordMedia Network Offers Online Writing Retreats for Media Scholars

In the midst of everyday duties, it is often difficult to take the time for writing, especially when you've been unable to get a good start. We have pulled together two opportunities for a half-day of concentrated, structured writing. Choose one or more, and join us for a writing retreat!

The idea of shared writing, often realised in the form of writing circles, writers’ workshops, or writing retreats, is to provide participants with an opportunity to dedicate themselves to concentrated writing while being social. The structure and format of a retreat varies, but the main objective is to jump-start your writing by sharing the experience with others: to make writing happen.

The writing retreat is only dedicated to writing: no feedback is provided on the texts. During breaks, the participants are encouraged to socialise with each other, but not to give feedback on each other’s writing.

NordMedia Network offers two opportunities for shared writing, each of which consists of a half-day online session:

  • 31 March 2023
  • 28 April 2023


The programme for each day (9 am–12:00 pm) is the following:

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9.00 Opening words and instructions for the day

9.15 Session 1 (30 min)

9:45 Break

10:00 Session 2 (1 h)

11:00 Break

11:15 Session 3 (45 min)

12:00 Thank you and good bye

Participants can leave comments on this wall.

Sign up

Participants from Nordic universities are the core audience of this event, and will be prioritized. You can sign up for the events here:

For practical inquiries, please e-mail Irmelin Wilhelmsen Nilsen, For questions about the content and method, please turn to Maarit Jaakkola,

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Experiences from NordMedia Network’s Online Writing Retreats

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Experiences from NordMedia Network’s Online Writing Retreats