Alesha Serada, M.A.

The School of Marketing and Communication · University of Vaasa, Finland — PhD Student

Research Areas

  • Cultural Analysis
  • Games and Play
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media Production and Innovation
  • Popular Culture
  • Television and Film

Highlighted publications

Balakina, D., Serada, A., & Schott, G. (2022, November 16). From the Cradle to Battle: What Shapes the Careers of Female CS:GO Esports Players. 25th International Academic Mindtrek conference (Academic Mindtrek 2022), Tampere. DOI: 10.1145/3569219.3569393


At the time of writing, Alesha Serada is finishing their PhD in Communication Studies at the University of Vaasa. The subject of the dissertation is the use of blockchain in video games, which sheds light on the process of value construction in NFTs. More generally, Alesha studies dark, obscure, and controversial cases found in weird and horror media, such as video games, popular music, and local film traditions. Results of Alesha’s studies appeared in such diverse journals as Games and Culture, Mortality, and Studies in Eastern European Cinema.