Amanda Skovsager Mouritsen, M.A.

Department of Media and Journalism Studies · Aarhus University, Denmark — PhD Student

Research Areas

  • Media Audiences
  • Popular Culture
  • Social Media


Amanda Skovsager Mouritsen is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University. In her explorative Ph.D. project, she studies Danish adolescents’ and young adults’ usage of TikTok and how this can contribute to the understanding of TikTok as a medium. The project is mainly based within the fields of audience studies and internet studies. With the project, Amanda wishes to uncover the characteristics of the content adolescents and young adults are engaging with on TikTok, how they are using TikTok in their everyday lives, why they are using TikTok, and, finally, how this collectively can contribute to our understanding of TikTok as a significant medium in our society.

Amanda is enrolled in the Ph.D. programme ICT, Media, Communication and Journalism at the Graduate School of Arts. She is a member of the research center DATALAB and the research programme Media, Communication and Society.