Anumita Goswami, D.S.Sc.

Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication (COMET) · Tampere University, Finland — PhD Student

Research Areas

  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Media Policy and Regulation
  • Political Communication
  • Social Media


My research interests include social media infrastructure which covers affective social media design, terms of service and content moderation policies and algorithmic determinism. It also includes misinformation, disinformation and fact checking in India.
I am a doctoral researcher currently funded by CV Åkerlund Media Säätio ry for till June 2023 at Tampere University. I am in the Doctoral Programme of Media, Comunication and Performing Arts in the Facultyof Information Technology and Communication.
I see myself as a change maker, an awareness spreader, an educationist trying to inform people about social media platforms and help people to utilise these services to further enrich and democratise the spread of information in the society.

-Strong background in social scieces and clear understanding of societal and hiearchical structures in India
-Experience in teaching students both in middle and High school and university
-Experience in writing, editing and producing podcasts
-Extensive experience in working in multi cultural and diverse team in International setting.

My current research topics include:
- Relation between social media infrastructure and our online behaviour in the consumption of disinformation in social media feeds.
-Role fact checking organisations in Tackling disinformation in India.
-Algorithmic determinism and freedom of expression online