Beata Jungselius, Ph.D.

School of Business, Economics and IT · University West, Sweden — Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Media, Information and Communication Technology
  • Social Media
  • Technical Communication

Highlighted publications

Jungselius, B. (2019) Using social media. Doctoral thesis. Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg. Opponent: Professor Richard Seyler Ling.


PhD in Applied IT (University of Gothenburg, 2019). In my research, I have been interested in situated use of mobile social media within various user communities and how ICT is used to mediate interpersonal interaction. I have studied how museum visitors document and share their museum visits using mobile phones and social media, how people communicate using Likes, and how interaction takes place around images on Instagram. Since I finished my PhD, I have been working on a longitudinal project on the changes in use of social media over time, studied digital seniors' technology-mediated interaction and investigated young girls' relationships to influencers and technology. I am currently involved in a research project on mobile technology with language support and AI-based coaching as a tool for increased integration, as well as with another project where the aim is to investigate mobile, digital tools as enablers of innovative, sustainable and healthy ways of working.