Cory Robinson, Ph.D.

Department of Science and Technology · Linköping University, Sweden — Associate Professor

Nordic Privacy Center, Sweden — Founder

Nordic Nerds, Sweden — Founder

Research Areas

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media Policy and Regulation
  • Media, Information and Communication Technology
  • Science Communication
  • Social Media

Ongoing Projects

US vs Swedish perceptions of trust, privacy & disclosing personal data collected in drone delivery

Highlighted publications


Cory is an Associate Professor in Communication Design and Information Systems at Linköping University (Sweden) in the Department of Science and Technology, Founder of the Nordic Privacy Center (2020-2023) and Nordic Nerds, an interdisciplinary reading and networking group exploring topics of AI, privacy, & human rights.

He is an invited expert in privacy and personal data for AI4People's 2020 "Healthcare and AI" and "Media & Technology and AI" boards, member of the AI4People Scientific Committee, a board member at the Digital Enlightenment Forum (Netherlands) and DFRI - The Association for Digital Freedom and Rights (Sweden), and advises in areas of personal data, privacy, and ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, including IoT and e-health. Cory teaches courses in Big Data and AI ethics, privacy in Smart Cities, “humans in cybersecurity”, and topics within communication technology and international marketing.

Focusing on areas of privacy and ethics, his current research investigates disclosure of sensitive personal data, including biometric and health data, in Internet platforms and surveillance technologies, and ethical frameworks for collection of personal data in wearables and IoT (Internet of Things). Keywords: AI ethics, privacy, personal data