Cristóbal Mora Bieli-Bianchi, M.A.

Faculty of Social Sciences · Nord University, Norway — PhD Student

Research Areas

  • Journalism

Ongoing Projects

Journalism and Rurality: understanding journalists' perceptions on rurality in Norway and Spain


Hi there!

My name is Cristóbal and I'm a Spanish PhD Researcher and also a journalist practitioner. My work during the last years has been focusing almost completely in issues related to rural development in Europe, especially in Spain. During this time, I've been reporting on possible solutions for a better and more equal development for rural regions in our countries.

Now, as a PhD Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Nord University, I'm flipping the coin and looking at my own profession as a research subject. In my PhD project, I will work with journalists to study their perceptions about rurality and how these visions and points of view are involved in how rural areas are represented and shown to the public. Following this idea, I also look at how the values of Constructive Journalism can be a valuable tool to be used in local/rural newsrooms to present better and more complete information coming from rural areas.

If you are interested in my work or want to collaborate somehow, don't hesitate to get in touch and connect! See you around!