Danial Zemchal Tesfahans, M.A.

Journalism and Communication · Aksum University, Ethiopia — Researcher

Research Areas

  • Communications Theory
  • Journalism
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Media Economics
  • Media Production and Innovation
  • Media Systems
  • Media Theory
  • Media, Information and Communication Technology
  • Political Communication
  • Rhetorics
  • Social Media

Ongoing Projects

Hate Speech and Disinformation during the Tigray War

Highlighted publications


I am working as a Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Journalism and Communication in Aksum University. I have research experiences in media development, phenomenological assessment of media system, political-economy of media, political communication, disinformation, hate speech and psychological war propaganda. Besides, I have been exploring the relationship between media and migration aiming at exploring the interconnection among freedom/lack of it, inequality, graphic media content exposure, traumatic experiences and migration with special attention to Eritrean, Somalian and Ethiopian youth migrating to Nordic countries including Norway and Sweden and how they utilize media in the Nordic countries of their destination.
I will be happy to collaborate with interested researchers in exploring political communication, hate speech, disinformation and war propaganda during the Tigray War as well as political communication of the Horn of Africa, media system in East Africa and digital/social media's influence in public opinion including disinformation, algorithm, trolls and bots.