Eva Kingsepp, Associate Professor

Department of Geography, Media and Communication · Karlstad University, Sweden — Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Games and Play
  • Media Audiences
  • Popular Culture

Highlighted publications

Experiencing and performing memory. In P. Finney (Ed.), Remembering the Second World War. London: Routledge 2017.


PhD in Media and Communication studies in 2008 at Stockholm University, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK). Before moving to Karlstad University in 2015 I was at the department of History and the section for Middle-Eastern and North African Studies, both at Stockholm University.

Interdisciplinary in character, my main research interest focus on the relationships between media and collective memory, especially as expressed in popular culture.

In my PhD dissertation I examined the representations and reception of Nazi Germany and the Second World War in contemporary popular culture, in order to understand how this affects collective memory. Analysis of media texts - in particular film, tv and digital games – were combined with ethnography and reception studies. This has remained a major research interest, resulting in a number of academic as well as popular history publications, public lectures, and participation in various radio/tv programs and podcasts, in Sweden and internationally. My postdoctoral project examined Western and Egyptian cultural memory of the Second World War in North Africa/the Middle East, and included field work mainly in Alexandria, Egypt.

More recently I have been part of the research project PDU, Platsbaserade Digitala Upplevelser (Place-Based Digital Experiences), and the Geomedia research program In-Between Spaces: Digital Geographies and Social Transformation in Small Towns.