Håvard Vibeto, Associate Professor

Department of Game Development – The game school · Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway — Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Games and Play
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Media Production and Innovation
  • Television and Film

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Håvard Vibeto is a graduate from the Lillehammer University College and NTNU. He wrote his Master's thesis on video game and film aesthetics titled "Gameplay - Coming to a Cinema near you! in 2006. He has worked at Lillehammer University College as a associate professor at TVF - Department of Television Education and Film Studies from 2006 to 2009. In 2009 he started working as a PhD student at Hedmark University College. His doctoral degree is called "The aesthetics of the video game. Audiovisual means as inputs to gaming experiences". He was employed as an associate professor in 2015. He has taught a number of topics related to film, video games and digital media on several undergraduate and master's degrees at Lillehammer and Hamar.

Areas of Expertise:

Håvard Vibeto is both a film scholar and a game researcher who is primarily concerned with aesthetics and how this forms the experiential dimension of media use. He is interested in game design, user interfaces, film and video game aesthetics, game experiences, gameplay, VR and storytelling. In particular, it is the disciplines of gamestudies and filmstudies that he works with on a daily basis, both in research and teaching. But in recent years he has also worked with digital literacy and learning, particularly in connection with digital media and video games in Norwegian schools. He is also interested in digital aesthetics and Internet culture associated with viral videos, mashup, remix videos and memes.