Jari Väliverronen

Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication (COMET) · Tampere University, Finland — Researcher

Department of Language and Communication Studies · University of Jyväskylä, Finland — Researcher

Research Areas

  • Journalism
  • Political Communication

Ongoing Projects

Highlighted publications

Heikkilä, H. & Väliverronen, J. (2019). Media accountability in the era of fake news: journalistic boundary work and its problems in Finland. In Eberwein, T., Fengler, S. & Karmasin, M. (eds.) Media Accountability in the Era of Post-Truth Politics: European Challenges and Perspectives. London: Routledge, p. 55-68 (Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and Education; no. 15).

Ramaprasad, J., Hanitzsch, T., Lauk, E., Harro-Loit, H., Hovden, J. F., Väliverronen, J. & Craft, S. (2019). Ethical Considerations: Journalists' Perceptions of Professional Practice. In Hanitzsch, T. (ed.). Worlds of Journalism: Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe. New York: Columbia University Press, p. 199-232 (Reuters Institute Global Journalism Series).

Väliverronen, J. (2018). More of the Same or a Different Breed Altogether? A National Comparison of Role Perceptions and Ethical Stances among Finnish Political Journalists. Nordicom Review 39(1), p. 51-66.


I currently work as a journalism researcher at Tampere University and the University of Jyväskylä (both in Finland). My research interests are in political communication, media accountability, and journalism change. Apart from my upcoming PhD on changes in Finnish political journalism, I work on two projects:

1) Journalists' Audience Work in the Digital Media Environment (Tampere): a 3-year educational project funded by the C. V. Åkerlund Foundation to help journalists improve their connections to the audiences. The project's pilot course in 2021 features 12 journalists from different media in Finland; later realisations will also include journalism students.

2) The Worlds of Journalism Study, Wave 3 (Jyväskylä): an international project focusing on risk and uncertainty in journalism. The University of Jyväskylä is responsible for conducting the national study in Finland in 2021-22 with funding from the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.